Get BitSeeds


Miners receive BitSeeds before anyone else, but it is a very expensive and time consuming process.

Once you have some BitSeeds you can grow your own through a process known as “staking”!

How do you get some BitSeeds right now? We’re constantly working on ways to make it easier than before to get BitSeeds!

Step One: Buy Bitcoin

We recommend Coinbase and

[NOTE: Coinbase should be this referral link for the Foundation ]

[NOTE: BitQuick referral link is ]

Step Two

Turn your Bitcoin into BitSeeds with Bittrex Exchange!

Bittrex Exchange is a trusted and established exchange that serves the cryptocurrency community.


Step Three

Stake your BitSeeds! Check out the Staking section for simple instructions to start staking your BitSeeds.

The best part about BitSeeds is the ability to “be your own bank” and create your own spendable money and the same time help the planet. Your BitSeeds become both an investment in your financial future as well as the future of the planet.