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Current State

“What we are doing to the forests of the world is but a mirror reflection of what we are doing to ourselves and to one another.” ― Mahatma Gandhi

Deforestation Is A Global Problem

Each year about 25 million acres of forest are destroyed. Most of this destruction is happening in the tropics, where in the past 50 years We’ve lost half of the world’s rainforests. Each second one more acre of rainforest is destroyed.


We Need To Act

Rainforests cover just 6% of the Earth’s surface, but contain over half of all known plant and animal species. They store one fifth of the Earth’s fresh water, produce nearly one fifth of the oxygen we breathe each year, and play a key role in stabilizing the Earth’s climate. If we want to maintain the health and well being of humanity, we need to stop deforestation.

The Change Must Happen Now

First we need to stop the rate of deforestation by doing everything we can to protect the forests that we have left. But that’s not enough. To reverse the past decades of destruction, and ensure that we have the resources we need for the future, we need to replant trees on an ambitious scale.

Together We Can Help

Counteracting the Damage

Together with the Rainforest Foundation we aim to use the power of BitSeeds to plant and protect over one billion trees.

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BitSeeds is the first digital currency that has a real impact on the world in which we live. In conjunction with the Rainforest Foundation, we have pledged to plant and protect over 1 billion trees. BitSeeds is a currency that can be sent through the internet, used in any country, has tiny or no fees and accounts cannot be frozen. BitSeeds can be traded on the internet for goods, services, or traditional currencies such as USD, EURO, CNY, etc.


BitSeeds in conjunction with Rainforest Foundation has pledged to plant and protect over 1 billion trees! But we need your help. For every BitSeed created we aim to plant 1 actual seed. As these seedlings grow they will help restore areas of the rainforest that have been decimated by logging and overconsumption of the forests’ resources. Over time, these trees will help restore the forest ecosystems.


The way BitSeeds work is very simple; when transactions get sent into the network numerous computers work together to make sure the transaction is legitimate. This process rewards the computers that finalize the transaction with BitSeeds. BitSeeds wallets also produce interest, at 10% compounded annually. Join the Movement. We Can Reforest the Planet, Together.

Getting Started

Simply follow the steps below to get your own BitSeeds.

Step 1
Download WalletWallets
Step 2
Get BitSeedsBuy
Step 3
Stake BitSeedsStake
Step 4
Spend BitSeeds*Spend
Step 5
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Specs  & Features

BitSeeds is a cryptocurrency that uses SHA256 Proof Of Work mining combined with Proof of Stake.

10 new BitSeeds are produced with each block, with an average time of 5 blocks per minute.  Instead of abrupt drops in production like Bitcoin’s block halving, we have a very gradual and steady production decline – the block reward is reduced by just 0.025 XSEED every 90 days for a total of 400 reductions over 99 years.

Holding BitSeeds in your wallet and leaving the program running allows you to gain new coins at an interest rate of 10% annually. This is as an incentive for you to help power the network through proof of stake, and also the way the BitSeeds project funds the Rainforest Foundation.


BitSeeds is digital currency that can be sent  across the internet, anywhere in the world.


Every time you use BitSeeds, the global network verifies every transaction to confirm its legitimacy.

No Fees

No need for banks or clearing  houses, which means no fees.

Identity Protected

Since the wallets are not associated with any name, your identity is protected.

Life Sustaining

With Rainforest Foundation, we have boldly pledged to plant and protect 1 billion trees.


Your wallet is stored in the cloud, so you can access your BitSeeds with your password anywhere in the world.

ReThink. RePlant. ReNew.

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